Ininim Consulting was started in 2017 in Vellinge by III Invent Inspect Improvement AB. Johan Cronsell, who runs Ininim Consulting AB, has a long experience in quality assurance and management systems. The location in Vellinge provides a close proximity to the entire Öresund region and quick access to Kastrup in Denmark and Sturup in Sweden. The proximity to these airports has led to assignments being carried out throughout Sweden, the Nordic countries and Europe.

Ininim Consulting mainly focuses on the following assignments:

  • Audit of management system (External audit)
  • Audit of management system (Internal audit)
  • Implementation of management systems
  • External welding coordinator (certificate in IWS and IWT)
  • Process efficiency
  • Change processes
  • Quality assurance of systems / products
  • CE-marking (Machinery Directive / Pressure Vessel Directive)